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This site aims to inform people, research, publications and activities of researchers and graduate students working within the Team for Research in Science and Technology Education (EREST).

Recent news


The EREST launches new scholarship programs!

ImageThe EREST is proud to present its new scholarship programs. These programs aim at helping deserving EREST students, but also at encouraging them to broaden their horizons and more actively participate in the research community. Interested students are invited to inquire to their EREST regular member directors or co-directors about the following scholarships:

  • EREST scholarship for internship or data collection
  • EREST scholarship for assistance towards the publication of papers in peer-reviewed journals
  • EREST scholarship for presentation in out-of-Quebec conferences
  • EREST scholarship for application to external scholarship programs



Ousmane Sy is granted a supplementary tuition fees exemption scholarship

Ousmane Sy, student member of the EREST, has been granted by the government of Quebec a Imagesupplementary tuition fees exemption scholarship for foreign students. As their name indicates, these scholarships alleviate the additional financial burden normally imposed to meriting foreign students. Congratulations, Ousmane!



Jean-Philippe Ayotte-Beaudet is granted a Vanier Scholarship

Jean-Philippe Ayotte-Beaudet, student member of the EREST, has recently been granted a ImageVanier Canada Graduate Scholarship for his research project titled « L'éducation scientifique dans l'environnement extérieur immédiat à une école secondaire pour favoriser l'intérêt des jeunes au secondaire ». This scholarship, one of the most prestigious in Canada, aims at helping promising graduate students, ultimately creating in canadian universities a more dynamic and innovative research environment. Congratulations, Jean-Philippe!



The EREST is coming home!

After the Caen and Corfu conferences, the members of the EREST are finally back at the ImageUQAM and wish to share with everyone some of their best moments in Europe. To this end, take a few moments to look at some of the many photos they took during their trip!



Geneviève Allaire-Duquette published in the European Journal of Physics Education

The next issue of the European Journal of Physics Education will contain an article written by ImageGeneviève Allaire-Duquette, student of the EREST, titled "At the very root of the development of interest: using human body contexts to improve women’s emotional engagement in introductory physics". This article, using data gathered by Geneviève during her masters-level studies under professor Patrick Charland, shows that girls are more engaged in mechanics tasks if they are contextualized using the human body instead of the traditional, and abstract, examples. For those interested, the article is available online on the EJPE website.



The EREST receives a FRQSC grant

The EREST's efforts have been recognized by the FRQSC ith the obtention of a Research Team Grant. This grant secures and extends the team's activities for the following four years and is the result of the outstanding work performed by every member of the EREST during the recent years. The EREST wishes to thank everyone that invested time and lent their reputation to this project. Long live the EREST!



EREST members published in the Revue Africaine de la Recherche en Éducation

The Revue Africaine de la recherche en Éducation has recently published an article by Jean-ImagePhilippe Ayotte Beaudet, student member of the EREST. Written in collaboration with professor Patrick Charland, this article aimed at unveiling to the general public the main results originally contained in his masters' thesis.


For those who would like to know more about this publication, more details are available on the

Revue Africaine de la Recherche en Éducation official website. To read or cite this article, please use the following reference :

  • Ayotte-Beaudet, Jean-Philippe & Charland, Patrick. (2013). Du curriculum officiel au curriculum implanté. Les pratiques enseignantes en éducation relative à l'environnement au secondaire en République du Bénin. Revue Africaine de la Recherche en Éducation, 5, 45-54.



A SSHRC scholarship for Geneviève Allaire-Duquette

Geneviève Allaire-Duquette has been awarded a scholarship by the Joseph-Armand-ImageBombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program. This scholarship aims at developing research abilities and contributing to the training of highly trained personnel by helping students of exceptional ability and achievements in various humanities programs, such as education. As such, Geneviève will receive funding amounting to 35 000$ per year for a period of three years. Congratulations, Geneviève!



EREST members published in the Journal of Teaching and Education


Julien Mercier and Patrick Charland, regular members of the EREST, recently published an article titled "A framework for the study of human and computer tutoring from an educational neuroscience perspective". The Journal of Teaching and Education (JTE) explores themes such as higher education, sustainable learning, teaching and e-learning by promoting the collaboration of experts and decision-makers from all over the world. Sadly, this article isn't yet available online, but more information on the JTE can be found on University Publications' website.



EREST members published in Neuroeducation

The magazine Neuroeducation is a new publication by the Association for research in Imageneuroscience that aims at promotting the exchange of knowledge and the development of neuroeducation, a rather young field of research. In its second volume, articles from professors Patrice Potvin, julien Mercier and Patrick Charland, all regular members of the EREST, will be available. These articles are already available online and are up for consultation at the following links :



EREST members published in Frontiers in human neuroscience



Élaine Turmel, Steve Masson and Patrice Potvin, three EREST members, recently published an article titled "Linking neuroscientific research on decision making to the educational context of novice students assigned to a multiple-choice scientific task involving common misconceptions about electrical circuits".  The article can be accessed >>HERE<<.



EREST members published in PROSPECTS

PROSPECTS is a trimestrial magazine published by the UNESCO. Since its beginnings in 1970, ImagePROSPECTS has established itself as a leading force in comparative education publications, adopting a strong international approach as well as promoting open dialogue between educators, researchers and curriculum developers. In the near future, PROSPECTS is set to publish articles from professor Patrick Charland, member of the EREST, as well as Jean-Philippe Ayotte-Beaudet, student member of the EREST. both articles are already available online on the Springer database and can be accessed by clicking on the following links :



The 2014 edition of the EREST summer school successfully concludes

Taking place from may 7 to 13, the latest edition of the EREST summer school aimed at Imagepreparing graduate students for the presentation of their research projects during international conferences. The EREST will proudly follow the progression of these 7 students who, as was featured in a previous news, also received an 18004 scholarship for their participation in a conference taking place in Corfu, Greece.


The EREST would like to thank the many professors that contributed to the success of this event, and congratulate the students who overcame a very busy week!



The EREST grants several scolarships destined for international conferences

The Team for Research in Science and Technology Education would like to reveal the selected students to whom will be granted an 1800$ scholarship. These scholarships are intented to offset the travel expenses incurred by presenting in an international conference.


Lorie-Marlène Brault-Foisy

Geneviève Allaire-Duquette

Yannick Skelling

Michel Pronovost

Guillaume Cyr

Éric Durocher

Jean-Philippe Ayotte-Beaudet

Ousmane Sy

François Thibault

Claude-Émilie Marec

Marie-Hélène Bruyère

Marilyne Larose

Nancy Brouillette

Olivier Arvisais


Félicitations à chacun d’entre eux et bon congrès!



The Faculté des sciences de l'éducation awards scholarships to two EREST students

Last may, the UQAM Faculté des sciences de l'éducation awarded scholarships to ImageGeneviève Allaire-Duquette and Lorie-Marlène Brault Foisy. These scholarships are intented to allow graduate students at UQAM to take part in international conferences and colloquium in education. In Geneviève and Lorie-Marlène's case, these scholarships are destined to help them travel to Corfu, Greece, where they will take part in the New Developments in Science and Technology conference. Congratulations to you both, and have a great trip!


Recent publications

  Individual and Collaborative Learning in Teaching: a Trajectory to Expertise in Pedagogical Reasoning
Julien Mercier, Caroline Girard, Monique Brodeur et Line Laplante
Editions Nova
Publication year : 2010

Faire des élèves des perroquets
By Patrice Potvin
Published on http://www.centpapiers.com
March 18, 2010

Article in La Presse newspaper

Patrice Potvin contributed to an article in La Presse newspaper published on March 18, 2010.
To read the article, follow this link: Secondaire : Le milieu craint le plan de la ministre (French)

Utilisation des technologies pour la recherche en éducation scientifique
Martin Riopel, Patrice Potvin, Jesús Vázquez-Abad
Editions MultiMondes
Publication year : 2009

Apprendre et enseigner la technologie
Patrick Charland, Frédéric Fournier, Martin Riopel, Patrice Potvin
Editions MultiMondes
Publication year : 2009

 Université du Québec à Montréal

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