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This site aims to inform people, research, publications and activities of researchers and graduate students working within the Team for Research in Science and Technology Education (EREST).

Recent news


Ousmane Sy is granted the supplementary fee exemption scholarship

ImageThe Faculté des sciences de l'education, in the name of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Science, as recently awarded Ousmane Sy, a senegalese member of the EREST, a supplementary fee exemption scholarship. These scholarships are granted to meriting students from other countries, reducing the tuition costs to the same level as students from Quebec. Congratulations, Ousmane!



A new video is available!

ImageIn the "video" section of our site, a new introduction video, that of regular member and professor Patrick Charland, is now available. These videos, created as part of an initiative launched a few years ago, aim at describing the research projects and interests of the many EREST members. We invite you to keep an eye on this section of our website, as more videos should be uploaded in the coming weeks!


To see Patrick Charland's video right now, however, simply click on the thumbnail to the right!



Des étudiantes de l'UQAM remportent le concours La Relève de l'AESTQ

ImageOn october 23rd, during a ceremony that took place at Trois-Rivières' Borealis museum, the Association pour l'enseignement des sciences et technologies au Québec (AESTQ) awarded Maude Méthot-O'Dowd, Sarah Piché, Audrey-Anne St-Aubin and Julie Tardif, all undergraduate students in highschool science education at the Université du Québec à Montréal, with the La Relève prize, an award granted to the creators of the best learning and evaluation situations. It is the ninth time that this prize is awarded to UQAM students, a situation that can not only be explained by the undeniable quality of the students' work, but perhaps also by the guidance provided by Patrice Potvin and Patrick Charland, regular members of the EREST, who teach the didactics of science and technology classes in which these LES are conceived.


To know more, please read the original article (in french) available on the Actualités UQAM website.



The UQAM celebrates its Vanier scholarship laureates

ImageIn a recent ceremony, the Université du Québec à Montréal paid hommage to three doctoral students who were granted a Vanier scholarship, the most prestigious graduate sholarship in Canada, of a 50 000$ annual value for a period of three years. The EREST wishes to once again congratulate Jean-Philippe Ayotte Beaudet, a student member of the research team, for the quality of his project and for the colossal efforts it required.


To know more on this topic, or to learn more on the other UQAM laureates, do not hesitate to read this article (in french) on the Actualités UQAM website.



Lorie-Marlène Brault Foisy is granted the EREST scholarship for publication in a peer reviewed journal

ImageLorie-Marlène Brault Foisy, doctoral student and member of the EREST, has recently been awarded the EREST scholarship for assistance towards publication in a peer reviewed journal. This scholarship, of a 500$ value, aims at encouraging students to produce quality articles and assisting them in the publication process by also shouldering, among other things, the cost of linguistic revision for the submitted article. Congratulations, Lorie-Marlène, and good luck for the publication!



Geneviève Allaire-Duquette leaves for Israël

ImageOn october 16th, Geneviève Allaire-Duquette, doctoral student and member of the EREST, left Montreal for Israel. Travelling for an internship, she will have the chance to work with Ruth Stavy and Reuven Babai, professors at the University of Tel Aviv and international leading experts in scientific education and cognitive neuroscience, on a research project related to pedagogical interventions aimed at overcoming intuitive interferences while learning science-related concepts. Good luck for your internship, Geneviève!



Steve Masson published in the Education Canada Journal

In the latest edition of the education Canada Journal was a paper by Steve Masson, Imageregular member of the EREST. Titled "Can a better understanding of the brain help us teach?", it presented three major discoveries from the field of neuroeducation, as well as their potential impact on teaching practices.


To know more, do not hesitate to consult the original article on the Education Canada Journal website.



Geneviève Allaire-Duquette receives the EREST scholarship for out-of-Quebec internships

ImageGeneviève Allaire-Duquette, student member of the EREST and currently pursuing her Ph.D., has recently been granted the EREST scholarship for out-of-Quebec internships. This scholarship, of a maximum value of 1500$, is granted to meriting students who must travel beyond the borders of the province of Quebec for internships or for data collection. In the case of Geneviève, it is for her internship in Israel, which should begin in the following weeks. Congratulations, Geneviève, and good luck on your internship!



François Thibault receives the EREST scholarship for publication in a peer reviewed journal

François Thibault, student member of the EREST, has recently been awarded the EREST scholarship for publication in a peer reviewed journal. This scholarship, of a 500$ value, serves as an encouragement to EREST students for producing quality papers. François' paper, describing the main results of his masters' project, is titled "The role of inhibition in physics-related conceptual change", and has recently been submited for publication. Congratulations, François, and good luck for the publication!



Patrice Potvin et Abdelkrim Hasni give a conference at Google's Montreal offices

ImageOn september 16th, Google and TechnoMontréal hosted a conference on youth interest towards science and technology, an important issue for these organisms, who view with apprehension the declining numbers of students opting for science-related careers. For this occasion, they invited Patrice Potvin and Abdelkrim Hasni, respectively regular members and collaborators of the EREST, to talk about the principal findings resulting from the first two years of operations of the CRIJEST, of which they are the co-chairmen.



Stéphane Villeneuve investigates on teacher intimidation

A recent article published on the UQAM news portal presented some of the main findingsImage from a recent research project by Stéphane Villeneuve, regular member of the EREST. Using a specifically designed survey, Villeneuve discovered that slightly over one teacher in twenty described themselves as a victim of cyberintimidation from students, but also from parents, colleagues and even school administrators.


To know more about this survey, do not hesitate to read the original article (in french only) on the UQAM News Portal.



Patrice Potvin published in the Journal of science education and technology

The Journal of science education and technology has recently published an article prepared Imageby Patrice Potvin and Abdelkrim Hasni, both co-directors of the Chaire de recherche sur l'intérêt des jeunes à l'égard des sciences et technologies (CRIJEST). This article, titled "Analysis of the Decline in Interest Towards School Science and   Technology from Grades 5 Through 11", presents the results of a large scale questionnaire survey and discusses the different dimensions of the observed decline in interest towards science and technology of students from the province of Quebec.


For those interested, the article is freely available on the Springer website.



Guillaume Malenfant-Robichaud is granted the EREST scholarship

The EREST is proud to announce that Guillaume Malenfant-Robichaud has been granted the ImageEREST scholarship (for external scholarship application), a $1500 prize. This scholarship program is designed to serve as an incentive for students to join the EREST research team, but also to present quality applications to the different provincial and federal granting agencies.


Congratulations, Guillaume, and welcome to the team!



The Metro journal features educational research


In an article published last month, it was possible to learn that, sometimes,


you need to take a step backwards if you want to go forward. In a recent research on learning, Nathaniel Lasry, a graduate student from McGill University now pursuing a post-doctoral degree at Harvard, revealed that 30% of the initially correct student answers are no longer so at the end of the semester while, during the same period, 50% of the incorrect answers were corrected. This could be explained, according to the authors, by the students' tendency to generalize and to try to apply, like a recipe, their newly acquired knowledge to phenomenons that could already be explained by prior knowledge. For more details, follow this link to the original article on the Metro journal webpage (french only).



The EREST welcomes a new regular member

After deliberations, the EREST direction comitee is proud to announce the nomination of ImagePierre Chastenay to the rank of regular member of the EREST. Regular members distinguish themselves from other colaborators by their sustained engagement towards the team and its collaboration dynamics, which can take many different forms such as the codirection of graduate students, collaboration on research projects and diverse co-publications. Congratulations, and welcome to Pierre Chastenay!


Recent publications


The effects of a competency-based reform on the development of problem-solving competency in science and technology using a computer simulation and on general attitudes toward science and technology
Patrice Potvin, Jean-Guillaume Dumont, François Boucher-Genesse et Martin Riopel
Year of publication : 2012


ImageDossier thématique sur la neurodidactique des sciences  au service des enseignants

Lorie-Marlène Brault-Foisy, Steve Masson et Stéphanie Lafortune, Elaine Turmel et Patrick Charland
Reuve Spectre
Year of publication : 2012

Manuel d'enseignement des sciences et de la technologie  

Manuel d'enseignement des sciences et de la technologie
Patrice Potvin

Éditions MultiMondes
Publication year : 2011

Outils virtuels et qualité de la langue


Outils virtuels et qualité de la langue

Monique Caron-Bouchard, Michel Pronovost, Caroline Quesnel, Carl Perrault et Katerine Deslauriers

Rapport de recherche PAREA
Publication year : 2011


Does Classroom Explicitation of Initial Conceptions Favour Conceptual Change or is it Counter-Productive?   Does Classroom Explicitation of Initial Conceptions Favour Conceptual Change or is it Counter-Productive?
Patrice Potvin, Julien Mercier, Patrick Charland et Martin Riopel
Research in science education
Publication year : 2011

 Université du Québec à Montréal

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